Member FAQs


Our heated pool opens early (Memorial Day weekend) and during the summer the pool stays open until 7PM. There is always a lifeguard on duty for the main pool and kiddie wading pool, so put your mind at ease and relax. The poolside café offers snacks and lighter fare, with weekend bar service. The lawn surrounding the pool is outfitted with lounge chairs, umbrellas and tables. Locker room facilities are available.

Memorial Day – End of school
Monday – Friday General Swim 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday General Swim 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

End of school – Labor Day
Monday – Sunday General Swim 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Pool closings or modified hours due to inclement weather will be emailed to all members

I am not a member of Orange Lawn Tennis Club, can I use the pool for a day?

Pool use is only for members and their guests. If you would like information about becoming a Pool member or Full member, please see our membership information page, request application information, or contact for more information. We’d be happy to give you a tour of our facilities and answer any questions you may have.

It’s my first time at the pool as a member, what do I need to know?

First, welcome to Orange Lawn! We are happy to have you as a member. No matter if you are spending the day by the pool with your family or enjoying some alone time, we’ve tried to make everything as simple and enjoyable as possible for you.

  • Towels: We provide towels for pool use. Towel bins are provided for your used towels. Please use the appropriate bins to deposit all wet and used towels.
  • Showers and locker rooms: Showers and locker rooms are available for your use. There are family changing rooms and bathrooms available for families with small children.
  • Sign in: Please sign in at the lifeguard stand. All members and guests using the pool must sign in, according to NJ State law. We also ask that all members introduce themselves and their family to one of our great lifeguards at the start of the season so they can be aware of who goes with whom.

Do I need to get a pool pass for my babysitter while he/she is at the pool with our family?

No pool pass required! A caretaker in the employ of a member and registered with the office is permitted to supervise the member’s child at the pool without a guest fee. The caretaker may only use the pool while supervising the member’s children.

Please sign your babysitter in, or have him/her sign in at the lifeguard stand. This is New Jersey State law.

Babysitters and nannies must be thirteen years of age or older and may only watch up to three children at any one time.

Any other questions? Here are your answers!

Here are a few things that are good to know about creating a safe and comfortable pool environment:

  • Don’t run on the pool deck or in the pool area — you’ll slip and fall! (but maybe you already knew that?)
  • The kiddie pool is for children five and under. All other kids: big pool
    Please don’t save chairs for more than thirty minutes. Everyone should be able to enjoy a comfortable spot poolside.
  • Swimming is permitted only when a lifeguard is on duty. There shall be no swimming before or after hours or when the pool is closed. We take this rule seriously because of the dire consequences that may result. Safety first. Cannonballs second.


Our top 4 questions

What are the rules about wearing white on the courts?

Yeah, we get that question often. Folks began playing tennis over 200 years ago in britches, stockings, corsets and so on. Although tennis clothing has come a long way, Orange Lawn embraces the tried and true tennis whites. It’s practical for sure, but more importantly it ties us to our heritage of great lawn tennis.

(For more on the history of tennis whites, check out these articles in Business Insider, Chronically Vintage, and WSJ)

We’re proud to wear whites, but we know it can be confusing and overwhelming for first timers. Relax! We want you to enjoy your tennis, not worry about clothes, so here is a quick guide to wearing whites at OLTC:

All clothing and accessories should be entirely white (not winter white, light beige, cream, etc.) except as follows:

  • Shorts: 90% white; may include a small brand or Club logo.*
  • Skirts and Dresses: May include a single or double stripe or band of color on the edges of the collar and sleeves, and the bottom of the skirt or dress no wider than approximately 1/2 inch in total (see traditional OLTC Logo clothing in the Pro Shop for example). May include a small brand or Club logo.*
  • Shirts: May include a single or double stripe or band of color on the edges of the collar and sleeves no wider than approximately 1/2 inch in total (see traditional OLTC Logo clothing in Pro Shop for example). May include a small brand or Club logo.* Men's shirts must have a collar. Women may not wear a man's white undershirt as a tennis top.
  • Sneakers: Must be mostly white. Only flat rubber sole tennis sneakers without heels are permitted.
  • Hats and Visors: Completely white; may include a small brand or Club logo (as above)
  • Socks: Completely white.
  • Wrist and Head Bands: Completely white
  • Tennis Warm-Up Suits: No restrictions

*A small brand or Club logo should be no larger than approximately 2 inches in diameter.

I’d like to take a tennis lesson. How do I sign up? Whom do I contact?

Lessons are key to getting better at tennis. Private lessons are available by appointment. Contact our Pro, Scott Wlodychak: or 973-762-8689. More info on our lessons and clinics page.

I’d like to take a clinic. How can I make that happen?

Clinics are going on throughout the tennis season at OLTC. They are a fun way to get some exercise, learn strategy and get to know other members. Contact our Pro, Scott Wlodychak for a current list of available clinics at your level: or 973-762-8689. More info on our lessons and clinics page.

I’m a new member looking to get a game together, but don’t yet know too many other members. What can I do?

We’re happy that you are getting out there to play! It can be challenging to get a game together at the right level of play, but our Pro, Scott Wlodychak, can help. Contact our pro, Scott Wlodychak a few days before you’d like to play and he will be happy to connect other members at your level. or 973-762-8689. Happy tennis!

What is the etiquette of play at Orange Lawn?

Everyone wants to enjoy a great game of tennis, so we all need to have a supportive and cooperative culture when it comes to sharing the court. We could just say, “Play nicely, kids!” but we do need to be a bit more specific so everyone’s on the same page. Here are some quick guidelines so everyone can enjoy good tennis:

  • Wait! Be sure the point or rally is over before entering or crossing a court, including crossing behind the grass courts while going to Har-Tru courts 3 and 4.
  • Look! Check for balls that roll onto your court (twisted ankles can ruin a tennis season faster than you can shout “LET!”). Try to return them to players on another court after their point or rally ends. Don’t return a ball or toss it behind another court during a point, this could be distracting and dangerous. Don't retrieve your balls from another court; when the point is over, ask your neighbor to kindly return your ball. One last thing: don't use more than 6 balls when courts next to you are being used. It just gets too confusing.
  • Shhh... Speak quietly during play, at changeovers, or courtside and no profanity, please.
  • >Clean up after your tennis game: cups, ball cans, tops, etc., into trashcan; towels to the proper get where we are going with this.
  • Glug glug: It’s a well kept secret that we have the best tasting courtside water on the East Coast. Our staff works hard to maintain our courts and that includes the water coolers so please ask them if you need something. Because the water is only for drinking, we ask the you don't put your hand, arm, etc. in the water coolers. We also ask that you don’t put soda, beer, wine or any other foreign object in the water coolers to keep cool or for any other reason. Ice for injuries is available in a specially marked ice cooler in front of the locker house.