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Will 2023 be your year to make fitness and fun a priority? Join Orange Lawn and see what the PICKLEBALL craze is all about!

Pickleball is by far the HOTTEST and fastest-growing sport in America because it is enjoyed by people of ALL AGES! Even elite tennis players can’t deny that pickleball is a legitimate workout! Some studies suggest 30 minutes of play can be the equivalent of a 30-minute jog or a session of yoga. “Pickleball is not just a good workout, it’s a great workout,” said Lance Dalleck, a professor of exercise science at Western Colorado University. Because of the long-lasting rallies, pickleball is not only a great cardiovascular exercise, it incorporates and improves overall neuromuscular coordination, hand-eye coordination, agility, and core utilization.

The ability to adapt the style of gameplay based on your counterparts makes it appealing to everyone! Even high-level Tennis players from College age to seniors have adopted this highly addictive sport because of its blend of social and competitive qualities.

Join the pickleball craze year-round at Orange Lawn!

Instruction available.